Garageband & Logic Pro Audio Training in Brighton & Sussex

Apple Pro Audio & Music TrainingApple Macs are the number one choice for recording studios and recording musicians all over the world. Home recording technology is now at the point where release quality recordings can be made on a Mac anywhere, not just in professional studios. tap+zoom can help you get the most from the equipment you have and make the best quality recordings and mixes. We come to you, so you are learning on your own equipment and your own music.

Studio setup and troubleshooting

Are you confused by latency? Do you have hissy or crackly recordings? Let tap+zoom help you set your studio up correctly to take the frustration out of recording. We can help with:

Soundcard setup
Reducing latency when recording
Proper gain-staging to reduce hiss and maximise levels
Mic positioning and recording techniques
MIDI setup
Setting up of recording templates in Garageband or Logic Pro
Equipment advice and recommendations
Installing software and plugins

Apple Garageband and Logic Pro training

Apple Certified Pro Logic ProWe hold an Apple Certified Professional status in Logic Pro and have previously worked directly for Apple training people in the use of Logic Pro. Let us help you get the most from Garageband or Logic Pro in the comfort of your own studio. With Garageband being included on every new Mac, anyone has the ability to record high quality music. Some of the many things we can help with include:

MIDI recording and editing
Audio recording and editing
How to comp audio effectively without clicks
How to use Flex Times and Quick Swipe Comping in Logic
Effective voice recording for podcasting
How to transfer Garageband recordings to Logic
Using softsynths and effects plugins
Setup and assign control surfaces
Master automation for effects and levels
Setup of personal key commands to speed up workflow
Help and coaching for GCSE, A-Level or BTEC Music Technology coursework and exams

Mix coaching and advice

We can either mix your music for you in our studio, or help you mix your own music in the comfort of your own studio. Let us help you get the most from your own mixes and learn techniques that will help you with every mix in the future:

Get more weight and control from compression
Give your mixes space and definition with proper use of EQ
Save your computer’s processing power with correct use of AUX sends for reverb and delay
Avoid transient peaks and get more level with limiting
Get a second pair of ears for mix advice

Audio showreel and demos

Here are some examples of audio work recorded in our own studios:

Please get in touch for more details.