Our Aim

tap+zoom was started by Steve Patterson with the idea of bringing bespoke Apple training and support to people in a comfortable and relaxing environment – namely their home or office.

About Steve Patterson

steve-patterson-tap-zoomSteve graduated from Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in 2000 with a First Class BA(Hons) in Sound Technology. After working for many years as a musician and producer, Steve took a part time job working for Apple in their Churchill Square retail store in Brighton with the goal of becoming an Apple Trainer.

Years of Apple experience and knowledge

Due to his knowledge of Apple music software and previous experience working in a learning environment, Steve was quickly promoted to a full time training position. For three years Steve taught and advised hundreds of people on Apple software and hardware, troubleshooting problems and helping them get the most from their technology.

Business and staff training

Excellent feedback from customers and staff led Steve to be chosen to become the store’s first Business Trainer, designing and delivering bespoke training to companies such as Virgin Atlantic. Steve was subsequently chosen to be part of a worldwide Apple pilot scheme to provide every store with an In Store Trainer. In this role Steve was responsible for training new and existing members of staff on new Apple products, services and initiatives.

Highly trained with a passion for teaching

Apple’s extensive staff training has given Steve an excellent knowledge of Apple software and hardware, plus a good insight into how adults learn. Steve understands that modern technology can be confusing and frustrating, and has a knack for explaining complicated topics in a simple, easy to grasp manner. His relaxed, patient and approachable teaching style has brought him excellent customer feedback.

An opportunity to provide a different way of learning

With Apple’s retail stores becoming ever more busy and bustling, Steve found the shop floor environment becoming less and less conducive to comfortable learning. The idea was born to leave Apple and provide a more personal learning experience in the quieter, more comfortable environment of the learner’s home or office – tap+zoom was the result.